New WOOrld Order: How pseudoscience is using the free market to destroy mankind.

The free market can be a wonderful thing.  Various goods and services are created based on the needs and wants of the public.  Labels are great at making informed choices when buying a product.  Some labels are so effective, they can drastically change the market.  The greatest example is trans fats in food.  After the scientific community agreed that trans fats were unhealthy  and pushed the FDA to require labeling of trans fats, the levels of trans fats began to decline.  As people were buying less items that contained trans fats, the companies began to remove them from their products to win back their customers. Between 2005 and 2010 the average trans fat levels dropped by 73%.  The FDA has since established a deadline of 2018 to outlaw PHO from foods.

This time the label requirement isn’t being pushed by the scientific community, but by fear mongering and anti-corporate ideas.    If the “Contains GMO” label is added to all food items, the uninformed general public will ask the question, “If it is supposed to be good for us, why is it labeled?”  It will add some legitimacy to these unscientific claims and the free market will begin to only produce GMO free and “organic” options based on public demand created by the label driven purchasing decisions.

GE organisms and Synthetic pesticides are wonderful tools for us to have in order to sustain life and combat our changing world.  The 3rd world needs the technology used in our standard farming practices.  We do not need a 73% decrease in the use of technology.