About sciTalk

Our volunteers care about the environment, health, and world hunger. As the world changes, challenges for agriculture rise. Drought, disease, and pests are constant threat to our food supply. We want to combat these threats with as little resources as possible. Genetic engineering (GMO) is one of many tools to achieve this goal.   

Who are we?

We are a small group of volunteer scientists, farmers, and science communicators. We are all concerned about the public’s current view and understanding of the use of biotechnology in agriculture. We have valuable knowledge and expertise in the subjects of agriculture and genetic engineering. Let us answer your questions.


Michelle Miller, The Farm Babe – From city girl, to country farmer and AGvocate. She now dispels the food and agriculture myths, that she once believed herself.

Matthew Sligar, of Rice Farming TV –  Matthew is a 3rd generation rice farmer from California and a YouTube creator that shares his love of farming.

Rob Sharkey, of Shark Farmer Podcast – Rob is an outspoken Corn and Soy grower from Illinois, where his family has been farming since 1854.

Suzanne Rutherford, Sugarbeet Grower –  Suzanne is a mom, grandma and sugarbeet grower who will share the Sweet Truth about sugar production in the Golden State.


This project and the scireview website are 100% privately funded by Adam Van Zalinge, the site administrator.