A talkoot for scientific reviews.


Talkoot (taken from Finnish culture with respect) is a community that comes together to accomplish a community-related task for the common good. It emphasises cooperation, collective effort, and, most importantly, shared responsibility. This shared responsibility is also in the scientific peer review process (Hull, 2010).

Peer reviews are at the centre of science (Smith, 2006). Moreover, this foundation is highly regarded and moves science further without ignoring knowledge gained in the past (Hull, 2010). Researchers' collective effort is valuable; the scientific community's responsibility is to ensure that knowledge is communicated, shared and of value (Hull, 2010).

Journals have long been the primary medium for scientific communication, but the landscape has evolved (Association, 2010). It has become very diverse with many forms of media (Association, 2010). In this diverse media environment, Talkoot.science facilitates the scientific peer review community: It offers a platform that facilitates scientific reviews and provides a reviewed mark (link pointing to an image) as proof of the review process, which can be included in various media outlets. This review mark uniquely identifies the open review process, a testament to our commitment to trust and transparency. This approach to scientific publishing is designed to enable science to conquer media that is different from journals.

We are coming soon! Be welcome.


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